Why Marion?

Company Related
1.Four Product Groups for company stability (4-legged stool). Marion has other products that provide insights and expertise that help our line of R&FA: cabs, military, and commercial.
2.Building Aluminum Bodies Longer than anyone else in the industry (since 1964). We have such a good reputation; Two major chassis manufactures came to us and asked us to build their cabs. All aluminum top of the line construction, experience with it, and total focus in aluminum.
3. We are a Privately Held Company and the owners are hands-on every day. We are not run by some big corporation with corporate decisions.
4. State of the Art Fabrication Department. Almost every piece of metal is punched and milled out by computer operated machines. Not hacked up on the production floor.
5. Flexibility in Vendor Components.Whatever brands desired by dept. usually available.
6 . Customized Wiring Diagrams for each truck. No generic drawings.
7. 3D Modeling gives customer and production 3D viewing of design for accuracy.
8. A Fair, Honest and Ethical Company
9. If You Want a Truck That You'll Keep for 20 Years or More, Marion is the choice. Not the cheapest up front, but it'll hold up and cost you less in the long run.
10. Personal Touch,Easy to work with, no voice mail jail, no arbitrary big company corporate policies.
11. Single Source Warranty Service (Marion dealer). Also the warranty expense is very low (less than 1% of sales)
12. Chassis Neutral which allows you to have your choice of chassis. We don't tell you what chassis you have to have.
13. Shop Workers Put Pride in the Product. Many on RFA line with 25+ years experience (dedicated).
14. Growing Business. Expansions made and more in the near future.
15. We Encourage You to Pole Our Customers. Let them tell you of their experiences with Marion.
16. We build all Extruded Cabs for two manufactures.
17. 15-Year Body Structural Warranty
18. Friendly Atmosphere. Customers always welcome for an extensive tour of the facilities.
19. Production Videos and digital photo updates on internet.
20. Fully Bonded by AM BEST A+ Insurance Company.
21. Custom Designs Available. We can do things others can't. The biggest manufacturers (Pierce and E-One) can't afford to be as flexible. They will try to steer the customer into one of their previously designed compartmentation layouts. We've won orders in the past simply because "Pierce wouldn't do that design that you would". We specialized in custom trucks and working with departments to build the exact truck they need (we offer many ideas). Everyone states this, but the way we operate,the cost to do these things cost less than others.Real customization and flexibility -not just lip service, blueprint books for ideas.Built from ground up from customer specifications, not from a base model design. Niche builder with a reputation for building customization trucks.
22. Custom Wiring Diagram. Marion provides a detailed wiring diagram specific to that particular truck; not a generic pumper diagram that others provide. This is very helpful when trouble shooting the truck years later, and will be invaluable to the department's mechanic.
23. Corner Post Extrusions. These extrusions have a box support design built in to help reinforce them in the event of banging into branches and low objects. The radius design avoids a sharp corner where stress risers occur in a specific spot. Additionally, extrusions are 52% stronger than equivalent shape and alloy formed aluminum.
24. Welding Quality. All welders at Marion receive on the job training annually from an outside welding consultant from the local technical college. Marion's instructor won the American Welding Society's top honor as outstanding welding instructor of 1996 for the entire United States.
25. Certified Weight Analysis. This is done on every Marion. Period. We won't build an unsafe truck. This helps keep you the dealer and the customer protected from potential serious liability if a truck were to have an accident while over its rated GVWR.
26. Marion Communication -"Built right with no surprises". Our “Submittal Meetings" involve all key departments (sales, engineering, shop floor, purchasing) in a word by word review of the entire spec before production. Minutes and questions /clarification/suggestions are sent to the rep/customer for consideration before production begins. This way there is no surprises and the customer gets exactly the truck they want and purchased.
27. Stand Behind Our Trucks. Whether the truck is 1 year, 5, or 15 years old if Marion clearly did something wrong, we want to get it fixed and pay for it. We rely on happy customers for references to help sell future trucks.
28. Aluminum is Lightweight Allowing More Payload Capacity. You can carry more payload with lighter, and less expensive, axle. Since the truck is less likely to run at its rated maximum GVWR, the components will last longer.Construction Related1.Extruded Body (fully) instead of bent up sheet metal. Built like a house with studs and the skin just holds paint and lights.