March 2016

To: Whom It May Concern

From: Fire Chief Jerry Palmer    Clarkesville Fire

 This letter is to serve as testament to the experiences we have had in relation to the recent purchase of a Marion fire truck.

The City of Clarkesville Fire Department began the process of purchasing its first ever custom pumper in 2013. When the bids were assessed, several manufacturers submitted excellent products. There were many similarities as you would expect. However, there was one that stood out above the rest when the details were assessed. Marion Body Works brought more truck, more features, and more warranties to the table than the others. In a blind scoring process, the Marion outscored the others by more than 20 points.

Once the bid was awarded, the staff from Marion, and the local dealer, Chuck Miller from Fearless Flames, very carefully guided me and my staff through the build-out process. They were very detail oriented and made certain that we were building the truck we wanted to have and not just a truck they wanted to build. They carefully steered us away from unforeseen pitfalls, saving us thousands of dollars. We requested several non-traditional features and have a very unique community to serve. Chuck and the Marion staff researched what we wanted and made it happen.

Chuck Miller has more than 35 years as a Fulton County Firefighter, working his way from a Mechanic, to Firefighter, Engineer, Lieutenant, and presently serves as Captain. He knows fire trucks and emergency vehicles from the inside out due to his real world experience and from operating his own emergency vehicle service company. This places Chuck in a unique position to serve his customers for both sales and service. His dedication to service after the sale has helped make the choice to buy Marion look not only financially sound but extremely intelligent.

Chuck and the Marion staff treated us as family and took the building of our truck personal. Almost 2 years after taking delivery, I still get periodic calls from the Marion staff checking on our satisfaction with E3.  This kind of commitment and pride in a product is evident in every detail of our engine. The quality of workmanship is unsurpassed. I invite you and encourage you to pay me a visit to see what I mean. Look it over and take it for a drive yourself. Without the support before, during, and after the sale, this would be just another fire truck. It’s one of a kind and it’s ours. I cannot say enough great things about this company. I strongly encourage you to give Marion Body Works a chance to build your next emergency vehicle. If funds were available, I would have a bay full of Marion products.


Jerry Palmer
Fire Chief *Retired

Clarkesville (GA) Fire Department

Testimonials from our Customers

August 26,2012
RE: Marion Body Works:
By Jeff Berry, Gwinnett County Ga Fire & Emergency Services ( Retired )

Chiefs, I understand you have interests with Chuck Miller, the Marion Body Works Dealer for the State of Georgia and are considering purchasing a unit from the group.  I would like to offer my opinions of the group as a whole for your consideration and as a reference.  I was a Firefighter/Paramedic for Gwinnett County Georgia from 1987 – 2011.  During this time, from 2001 – 2011, I was assigned to the Apparatus Division, and from 2007 – 2011 I was totally responsible for this section.  We purchased many units annually from cars to Aerial Apparatus which was occasionally a challenge.  In 2008 we were in need of purchasing some specialized units, for the Police Department.  We were approached by the Police Department to work on their large apparatus due to many reasons, mainly they did not have the expertise to design, coordinate, specify and deliver large apparatus so we offered to include them in a special purchase.  During our research and development phase, we searched all manufacturers and contacted references inquiring whom could build what we needed, to our specifications.   We found excellent reference to Marion Body of Marion, WI., but had no local departments to reference.  We took a trip, paid by our department to review the company and their capabilities.  We felt for the units we were purchasing and their specialized nature, this was extremely important.  We found the company to be fiscally diverse and sound, we found the work ethic extraordinary, facilities very well suited for the work and organized in a manner for ease of operation.  We were very impressed with the company.    We proceeded to author our specification and publish it for bid under a RFP scenario.  When all was completed, the package submitted by Marion and Chuck Miller was superior to all others therefore; we awarded the project to them, without hesitation.  The entire process was handled with respect for our need not what they wanted us to purchase, we received exactly what we ordered.  We had meetings with their engineers and shop personnel, inspected the unit to our standards and found nothing in need of re-work, they kept excellent notes and built what we requested and specified.    The entire purchase was managed professionally and with expertise.  I would purchase another unit at any time form this manufacturer and dealer.   As the manufacturer, they routinely call concerning the operation and function of the unit, as the dealer, Chuck is knowledgeable and very willing to work on any repairs needed or requested but the unit does not fail.  It is maintained regularly as recommended but we had no problems with this unit.    I have retired from the department but if I were still there, without question or hesitation, I would encourage Marion and Chuck to bid on any projects we had forth-coming and would do my best to award projects to them, they are a blessing in this area.  Although retired, I consider the Marion Group and Chuck, personal friends, they took time to work with a demanding department, demanding individual and accomplished the task with no problems and treated me as family, not a customer; and still do. If you have any questions or need a personal reference, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Contact Chuck for my number.  Thank you for taking the time to consider my comments.  Have a great day.  Jeff Berry