We come to your station for repairs.

On Site Pump testing

Major transfer case repairs

This is a Marion pump compartment being built so nice and neat.Will be easy to work on in the field for years to come  if needed

Pump compartment that is very hard to work on. Built by one of the big manufactures. very big job just to do valve work!Great for service guy to make lots of labor time on!

PTO failed and damage generator. Big job just getting to unit. .

We work on all Makes apparatus.

Over 30 years of experience


Our Service Truck On the Job

Structural repairs on major manufactures body cracks due too poor workmen ship at time manufacture. Just some of our types of repairs

Fire Apparatus Service in Canton

service is provided by Emergency Vehicle Technical Services.
The sister company of Fearless Flames inc. 

Owned and operated by Chuck Miller, a factory certified apparatus technician with over 30 years of experience working on fire apparatus. Chuck served as firefighter/assist shop supervisor for 10 years at his department. Handling all service work on over 72 apparatus.
Chuck Miller has had many dealings with departments all over Georgia over the 30 years handling service work for all makes and models apparatus owned by departments all over north and some times south Georgia. 
His company is located in Canton Georgia and is road service base.  This means a less likely hood of having your apparatus out of the County or City for warranty work or service if it is needed on the Marion apparatus or other make apparatus. Chuck Miller is a Waterous Pump mechanic and dealer , HALE pump mechanic , LTI ladder Mechanic , RK ladder mechanic and dealer.  Also a Spartan motors mechanic and dealer, Spartan OEM ladder mechanic , Sutphen Corp. / Towers factory trained mechanic , Pump test tech, Electrical systems tech, Seagraves apparatus, Central states apparatus.  Chuck also has many years of apparatus specs experience.  His company is a family owned and operated company and has a small customer base so he can give first class service to his customers when needed. Emergency Vehicle Technical Services has a 2000 Ford F-350 9 ft service truck to do service work on the road.  We try to carry as many parts on this service truck to cover most small troubles with trucks.  Fire apparatus are special and very hard to carry everything you may need.  But over night parts will be used if needed every time. 
We also have a very good reference list of customer who are dedicated to the small business and level of care given them from Emergency Vehicle Technical Services.  Please contact us for list. Emergency Vehicle Technical Services has been in business since 1991