Single Source Manufacturing  in which we wish to clarify our position.  Single source manufacturing isn’t possible in the fire industry today.  Products utilized in the fire industry are made of many vendors in which each display an expertise and proven product to be used for the fire services.  As a manufacturer  Marion has and will always be a single source point of contact to assist and provide pre and after delivery services for anything on or part of the vehicle purchased from our company. 

1.Things to look at before you choose!

Some of the big manufactures use proprietary components that CAN NOT be readily purchased at most automotive parts stores in your area. This causes higher pricing for parts and  likely will require shipping of the component and can increase down time of an apparatus awaiting part. These manufactures will try to sell you on Single Source as being the best way to go. This makes it hard for other manufactures to bid on your trucks. That way they have better chance of getting the bid. We ask you to think really hard about what they are really trying to sell you and your department on.
Ask yourself these questions?
1. Does your department have a big maintenance budget? You may need one with big manufactures!
2. Does your department have its own repair shop that can handle Fire Apparatus ?
3. Is the dealer close to your department? Will they get to you in timely manner ?
4. Do you really think these really big manufactures truly care about you and your department or just get another sale?
5. Do you want a truly Custom Built apparatus, built just for your department? The Single source manufactures really are not truly custom. They say they are but, they will fight you on some changes you may want in your trucks.You have to look at the numbers of apparatus they build every year. They do not have the time to truly be custom to each department. They are building large numbers of apparatus.
6. Can biggest manufacturers  afford to be as flexible. Do they try to steer the customer into one of their previously designed compartmentation layouts.