The Millers are an all American family and our love for Harleys runs deep just like just like our Belief in MARION BODY WORKS “TRADITION OF QUALITY”  Just a little look at our life outside of sales    and service. Just a few things we love to do. Fire Service, Harleys, Trains,

Custom Fire Apparatus Dealer in Canton

Fire Apparatus Sales & Technical Services
310 Lori Lane Canton GA

Fearless Flames inc. is a Family owned and operated business. Vickie Lynn Miller
president and Chuck Miller vice president care about our customers, and the fact that we
represent one of the finest Rescue & Fire Apparatus money can buy. That apparatus is
Marion Body Works. “TRADITION OF QUALITY”. We are not just here for apparatus sales,                                                                        We are here to help you purchase the best, most reliable apparatus that you want !                                                                                Vickie and Chuck Miller have been together for more than 28 Years.                                                                                                                  They have two  grown children and live in Canton GA. Vickie has long been
involved in her husband’s job as a fire Captain and the business of fire apparatus service
and repair. She is now learning more about apparatus so to help the new business grow.
Chuck is a 35 year veteran of large paid fire department in the Atlanta area and over 30
years of fire apparatus service work. He has always had the attitude do it right or not at
all! So he carries this into the business of selling Apparatus. “Sell the Best or not at all”.
When you buy from us we will be there for you and your department. We will take care
of you as family. That is the only way we will have it. Like us Marion Body works cares
about it products and it customers.
Thank you again,
Vickie L Miller

Charles B. Miller